Icewind Dale II

  • CPU: 350 MHz
  • RAM: 64 MB
  • 1.8GB of available hard-disk space
  • Sound card
  • No 3D graphics card needed

Icewind Dale 2 is a computer role-playing game for Windows PCs from the year 2002. The game comes as its predecessor, Icewind Dale by Black Isle Studios. It ties loose on the action of its predecessor.


THe action occurs approximately 30 years after the events of its predecessor. Under the banner of the chimera orcs, goblins and all sorts of other dark creatures gather to tackle the ten cities. Adventurers Group is one of the few survivors of a relief expedition from Luskan, trying to reach the besieged city Targos. After they have broken the siege around the city, come the adventurers in search of the reason for the campaign and the responsible masterminds further into the field of Eiswindtales ago. In addition to many new locations you visited here again some from the previous part of well-known places.


Apart from a revised set of rules to Icewind Dale 2 differs only slightly from its predecessor playful and the other Infinity games. The player commands as before built a brand itself, six-man group of heroes. The gameplay is presented from an isometric overview perspective, the indirect control is based on the Point & Click principle. The turn-based battle system in the core is performed in real time, but can always be stopped by pressing a button to analyze the situation without time pressure and to give instructions to the game characters.

New use was a modified version of the rules of Dungeons & Dragons 3.0, which differs in many areas from the rules of its predecessor. In contrast to the randomly threw the dice values ​​of the second set of rules Edition ( Advanced Dungeons & Dragons ) has Icewind Dale 2 with D & D 3.0 a so-called point -buy system in which the player can distribute predetermined points as desired in the design of his Charakteres. In addition to the standard breeds ( eg, human, elf, dwarf) were now also called Subrassen as dark elf or aasimar available. There were in addition to the main classes new professional specializations to choose from, as well as the newly introduced talent system for learning new skills.

The game is built largely linear and strong fighting spirit. There are limited opportunities to solve problems in alternative ways. In most cases, the "evil " approach or fight and peaceful solution is distinguished by a " good" and a.


The plans to Icewind Dale 2 began when the Black Isle Studios had to adjust their previously announced role-playing project Torn due to development problems. The idea for a sequel to Icewind Dale resulted, according to lead designer Joshua Sawyer out of the pressure, within a very short time to realize a new, solid game project, to compensate for this project setting. Due to the extensive experience of the employees with the Infinity Engine, the choice fell on Icewind Dale, as seemed possible here a relatively short development period. The team was given the requirement to present within four months of a finished game, Sawyer received only two days to create the entire plan of action. However, since in particular the design of the play areas was only slightly reduced in time, the development period has been extended to end ten months. The aim of the project was a continuation of the concept of the first part, however, the different priorities of the main game ( dungeon exploration ), the add-on Heart of Winter (use of different character skills) and the free download extension should the challenges of the Master of temptations ( puzzle elements) for the campaign of the game are combined.

The Infinity Engine came in Icewind Dale 2 for the last time used. The casting animation were revised again, but required is still no 3D acceleration. The interface has been completely revised in the light of the rules change and was now freely assignable in part. By extending the development period and the technical control framework was revised again and the game switched to the third edition rules of Dungeons & Dragons. The rules change was made at the urging Sawyers, who saw it as a major selling point for the title, which now aged 2D technology did not meet the technical state of the time and was in competition with 3D titles like BioWare's Neverwinter Nights.

The game included compared to the previous a number of new creatures, items, abilities and spells, some of it through acquisitions from Baldur's Gate 2 extra content created exclusively for the game. The background music of the second part was written by Inon Zur.


Icewind Dale 2 has received very good reviews ( Metacritic: 83 out of 100 / GameRankings: 81.95 %)