ICI stands for:

  • Imperial Chemical Industries, former British chemical company with headquarters in London, in 2007 taken over by Akzo Nobel
  • Institute for Competitive Intelligence, training program to become a certified Competitive Intelligence Professional in Germany
  • International Correspondence Institute, ICI University Germany, an evangelical institution ( not a university ), which offers a theological distance education
  • ICI (programming language), a programming language
  • Control interface information, control information, between two adjacent layers in the OSI model
  • Investment Company Institute, a US-based Institute
  • Intracervical insemination, a certain type of insemination
  • Istanbul Cooperation Initiative, a collaboration agreement with the Arab Gulf states of NATO
  • Inter Carrier Interference, interference between different carriers in the signal transmission
  • International Cocoa Initiative, Organization for the elimination of exploitative child labor in the area of ​​cocoa cultivation and processing of cocoa
  • Industry Cinematografiche Italiane, Italian film production company

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