Id Tech 5

Id Tech 5 is the fifth version of the game engine id Tech from the house id Software and finds, inter alia, in Rage and the not yet released game Doom 4 use.


The engine is the successor of the well-known also under the name "Doom 3 engine " id Tech 4 and is used for the first time in the id Software games Doom 4 and Rage. It was also mentioned that the engine should come for another title of the Quake series used.

The id Tech 5 was introduced in 2007 to Quakecon by the Technical Director John D. Carmack. In contrast to the older generation this time was fundamentally placed on a cross-platform development value. In addition, the engine will use an enhanced version of the Mega Texture and may produce extended shadow detail.

At QuakeCon 2010 said id CEO Todd Hollenshead software that id Tech 5 will licensed to other game developers, but only if these games were also released on Bethesda Softworks.


The main focus was on a liquid and detailed representation of extensive areas of the game world of Rage. For an expanded version of John D. Carmack of for Enemy Territory is: Mega Texture technology developed Quake Wars used, which is referred to by id Software in the new version as a Virtual Texturing. This was not only designed for large outdoor areas, but also allows the use of Virtual Textures on Models and Sprites. Thus, a dynamic game world to be created, in which no tree is like the other.

The multi - platform design has the advantage that not much time has to be placed in the porting and thus you can concentrate on the fine optimization more.

One of the great visual innovations is the ability of the renderer to represent penumbra in shadow using shadow maps. In contrast, id Tech 4 uses a shadow technology, which is very sharp shadows. Also, id tech offers 5 different lighting techniques such as HDRR -Centric, Bloom and Crepuscular rays ( volumetric lighting ).

The engine will also provide multithread support on the CPU for various tasks, as, inter alia, rendering, game logic, AI, Physics and Sound Processing.

John Carmack mentioned in his key speech at QuakeCon 2007 that the id Tech 5 is based on OpenGL and Direct3D 9c.


In particular, the applied texture technology, Virtual Texturing, the levels need in their raw form an enormous memory requirement ( gigabytes ) and a high performance computer. Modder and hobby level designers are thus much stronger than previously rely on the tools of id Software. Id Software is to provide the id Studio Tools for editing in real time.