Ida stands for:

  • Ida ( first name ), a mostly female, sometimes male first name
  • Ida ( Hinduism ) ( Ila ), a goddess of Hinduism, daughter of the moon god Chandra
  • Idafeld ( Idavallen ), in Germanic mythology, a level at Asgard, home of the gods
  • (243 ) Ida, the first known asteroid with its own moon
  • IDA (film ) (ID: A), a Danish thriller from 2011
  • Ida (band), founded in the 1990s indie rock band from New York, United States
  • A 47 million years old primate fossil Darwinius see

Number of people:

  • Antoinette Nana Djimou Ida ( born 1985 ), French heptathlete of Cameroonian descent
  • Makoto Ida ( born 1956 ), Japanese legal scholars
  • Takako Ida (born 1972 ), Japanese badminton player


  • Ida (river), a river in the south-eastern Slovakia, has its source in the Slovak Ore Mountains


  • Ida Mountains (Turkey), the mountain in Asia Minor
  • Psiloreitis, the Mount Ida on the island of Crete in Greece


  • Ida in Mauretania, an ancient city in the Roman province of Mauretania Caesariensis, Algeria
  • Ida Grove, Ida County, a City in the west of the U.S. state of Iowa
  • Ida County, administrative unit in Iowa, USA
  • Ida Valley ( disambiguation page )
  • Ida (Arkansas ), USA
  • Ida (Louisiana ), USA
  • Ida (Texas ), USA
  • Ida (Virginia), USA
  • Ida Center in Michigan, USA
  • Ida May in Kentucky, USA
  • Ida Mill in North Carolina, USA
  • Ida Vesper in Georgia, USA
  • Ida ( Assyria ), ancient city on the southwestern shore of Lake Urmia in the 9th century BC

I.d.a stands for:

  • Inform, document, archive: umbrella organization of German women / lesbian archives Germany, Austria, Switzerland

IDA stands for:

  • The Interactive Disassembler, a programming tool
  • " I love you too " in network jargon, see list of abbreviations (network jargon ) # I
  • Indoor Air, standardized categories for air quality, see EN 13779
  • Iminodiacetic acid, iminodiacetic see
  • Instruments for the diagnosis of labor skills module of the capability profile MELBA (ability profile )


  • IDA Ireland, Irish Development Agency
  • Information and Documentation Centre on racism
  • Institute for Defense Analyses, a U.S. think tank
  • International Dark Sky Association, an international organization against light pollution
  • International Diving Association, international diving association
  • International Development Association, international development organization and part of the World Bank
  • International Documentary Association, the largest association of Dokumentafilmemachern
  • Interchange of Data Between Administrations, a program of the European Commission
  • Integration through work, the Federal Association of the German Caritas Association
  • Community of interest DATEV users e.V.
  • Initiative dementia care in general practice, a research project in the field of ambulatory care

ID: A stands for:

  • IDA (film), a Danish thriller from 2011

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