is a micro -blogging service and a social network similar to Twitter. supports the open - standard OStatus (formerly Open microblogging) and is the reference implementation and most important platform for Free Software StatusNet tool. On May 1, 2013, conversion software for of StatusNet on was announced. Since then, the date has been postponed several times, most recently on the week of 30 June 2013.


With a share of almost one-third currently comes most users from Germany.

On 30 March 2009 it was announced that will probably continue from May 2009 as a free service under the umbrella of the new free, fee-based microblogging service StatusNet tool. Operator remains " Control Yourself". StatusNet offer hosting of microblogging services under an arbitrary subdomain. Even with the paid offer the license " Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 'is used by default; However, customers could choose a different license. The change has been brought about any negative effects on the user from Also since StatusNet added to the result of the operation has, the service will indeed under the StatusNet logo, but continue to operate under the previous own domain.


Users can, as with the micro-blogging usual, send short messages of up to 140 characters.

Significant additional features over Twitter are the more integrated search for hashtags and the support of groups that are addressed in messages preceded by a "!". The group members read all the messages that have been addressed to their group in their timeline. In this way, you can follow news on a particular subject in real-time and independent of the sender. The search from has now followed suit and users of other services that support the OStatus standard. Since March 2009 so is the access to messages from accounts included, which are conducted at Twit Army.

Access via XMPP is temporarily since an upgrade to StatusNet 1.0.0 in September 2011 are no longer available. With the same upgrade introduced the ability to publish posts "private", the read is called only for its own contacts. The feature can be preset for all the posts of the account or activated in the individual case.

Messages can be sent directly and simultaneously with the publication on on an account at Twitter.

Also, news on are increasingly indexed by the search engine Google. The search engine offers MetaGer since October 2009, a search on as special search to.

Free and open service sees itself as an open alternative to the well-known micro - blogging service Twitter. The aim of the service is to users to ensure freedom and transparency. This will be achieved by StatusNet using the free software which can be used on its own servers. By OStatus standard, various micro- blogging services, currently StatusNet server communicate with each other mainly. Users can also according to the FOAF standard transparent access to their data and transfer them to other StatusNet services. All notes published on must be released under the Creative Commons license " Creative Commons Attribution 3.0".


MobIdentica is a value based on Java client for mobile devices.