IEC 60228

IEC 60228 is the international standard for the description of the conductor cross -section insulated cables. In particular, a standard table for conductor cross-sections is defined as follows:

In engineering-based applications, the designation of the section usually makes more sense than the diameter because strength, mass, and resistance of a cable directly depend on the cross-section. Also, the current that the cable safely (ie without overheating ) can cause depends, among other factors directly from the cross-section. When diameter would have to be converted. For many applications, the minimum cross section, sometimes even legally prescribed. The standard describes various aspects of the conductor insulated cable.

Other names

IEC 60228 is equivalent to:

  • CEI 60228
  • EN 60228

In Germany the standard as DIN standard DIN EN 60228 and VDE 0295 is valid.

Led classes

The specification of the class according to IEC 60228 (DIN VDE 0295 ) refers to the flexibility of the conductor. A statement about the nature of the use does not result from the conductor class. For example, some fine wire cables are designed exclusively for fixed, non-moving installation (eg core cables or wires inside the vehicle, ship and aircraft ).