IEEE 1355

IEEE 1355 is a standard of the IEEE, describes the development of data networks. This data networks should be easy to build, among other things and to change, but it provide high performance at reasonable prices.

Definition and origin

The title of the standard is in the original: IEEE Standard for Heterogeneous InterConnect ( HIC) (Low - Cost, Low- Latency Scalable Serial Interconnect for Parallel System Construction)

Translated it means: IEEE standard for heterogeneous compounds ( Serial connections with less running time at low cost of setting up parallel systems )

The standard was released on 21 September 1995.


A selection of properties is:

  • Low running times by using primitive logic blocks
  • High noise immunity by using a symmetrical electrical transmission lines or fiber optics
  • Construction of point-to -point connections between each pair of VLSI devices.
  • Packet -oriented