IEEE Transactions on Information Theory

The IEEE Transactions on Information Theory is a scientific journal on the information theory, which is published monthly by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers ( IEEE).

The magazine is published since 1953. Prior to founding the IEEE 1963 was published by the Institute of Radio Engineers. It deals with the processing, transmission, storage and use of information as well as the theoretical foundations of communication. In particular, she is interested in the topics of coding complexity, cryptography, pattern recognition, machine and stochastic processes. Current editor in chief is Ezio Biglieri from the University Pompeu Fabra.

In a study from 2006, which used the PageRank algorithm and vergleichte a variety of important computer science journals, IEEE Transactions on Information Theory reached the highest score and was therefore considered most prestigious scientific journal. ACM Computing Surveys, which had the highest impact factor was considered a popular magazine.