The IEPERFEST (or Ieper Hardcore Fest) is a multi-day music festival in the Belgian city of Ypres. It takes place since 1992 regularly in the last week of August instead and is described as the biggest hardcore festival in Europe. The IEPERFEST is a DIY event. Since the first edition of the festival several big names already played in the hardcore punk scene, as well as their sub-genres, such as Agnostic Front, Terror, Unearth, Sick of it All, Raised Fist, The Black Dahlia Murder and Shai Hulud. But lesser-known bands from South America, Asia and Australia were at the festival on, for example Still X Strong and Bandanos from Brazil, Nueva Ética from Argentina, Suckinim Benaim from Israel and An Emerald City from New Zealand.

The festival annually attracts up to 10,000 visitors and is considered as both the largest and longest-serving Underground festival in the world. In an interview with the German Ox- Fanzine, the organizers announced that they operate hardly sponsorship, as the festival wants to do without sponsorship of large companies. Only a few local businesses to support the festival. The organizers of the festival included at times to 15 people and has access to 120 voluntary helpers. The festival is intended, according to organizers, is focusing on a possible ecological basis. 2010 won the Festival the Flemish Green Event Award. The IEPERFEST is not just a music festival. For several years, the "More Than Music " stage exists at, among others, discussions about animal rights, anarchism, DIY and politics take place.