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Ife (also: Ana - Ife, Ana, Baate, Anago, Ede Ife ) is the language of the same people of Ife.

The Ife live mainly in Benin, Togo and Ghana. Known dialects of this language are yoruboiden Tschetti, Djama and Dadja.

In Benin Ife talking about 80,000, Togo spoken by about 102,000 people.

In Togo, the spokesman of Ife live in the northeastern part of the Plateaux region in the Präfenkturen Ogou and Est - Mono. Main locations of Ife are Atakpamé, Kamina and Dadja and the village of Ese - Ana in southern Togo. In Benin, Ife live in the Collines Province in the sub-prefecture Savalou.

Even the Bible has been translated into Ife. There are some radio programs, films and books in Ife and a dictionary. It consists of 78 percent a lexical generic accordance with Yoruba.