IFK Sundsvall

IFK Sundsvall is a Swedish football club based in the port city of Sundsvall. The men's team played several years in the Allsvenskan, the highest division in Swedish football.


IFK Sundsvall was founded in 1895. For a long time the team played only in the lower classes of the Swedish leagues pyramid. First time in 1971 succeeded the club promotion to the second division. With two points off the relegation zone, the team was able to hold in her first year second division the class. In the second year the team has played with the front and finished behind Movers Brynäs IF and local rivals GIF Sundsvall third place in the standings. This position has also been achieved in the following season, before 1975, the second division championship and the rise associated was won in the Allsvenskan.

As a climber IFK Sundsvall fought against relegation, which was avoided with a twelfth place in the table. In the second season in the Premier League but the team struggled in vain with 20 points and had the club at the end of the season two points behind Örebro SK, who finished saving twelfth grade.

In the second league IFK Sundsvall is provided a duel with IK Brage, which in the end decided the team from Sundsvall for themselves and managed the direct return to the Swedish House of Lords by a single point. This time succeeded in ninth place in the standings, even if it was only three points over the best relegated AIK Solna at the end. The second year in the Premier League proved more successful than the first attempt: seventh in the final bill provides the up to now best result of the club in his Erstligageschichte dar. In the season 1981, the team was then again only table Penultimate and adopted in turn by league football.

Jumped into the second division out only the fourth place, six points adrift of the top two spots were the dream of direct resurgence burst early. 1984 occupied IFK Sundsvall to a close season - between sixth place and the space occupied twelve were only two points difference - the relegation zone. Instead of returning to the top flight, the club had to play in the third division thus henceforth.

In the third division IFK Sundsvall was indeed at first champion, but failed in a 0-0 draw and a 0-2 home defeat in the rise of games at Karlskrona AIF. The restructuring of the league system was through the club as a runner and remained so mediocre. Two years later, however, the team ended then only the relegation zone. However, the Viertklassigkeit lasted only one season, the team was superior with only one defeat first fourth division champion and one year later in season two defeats third league champion.

After a year in the midfield in 1992 succeeded the first place in the Varserien and the associated qualifying Kvalsvenskan, the rise playing for Allsvenskan. However, there was only one Table and in the subsequent play-off round failed IFK clearly with 0:3 - and 1:6 - defeats at Helsingborgs IF. In the next season, however, was followed by the crash and as a table before last we went again to the third tier. Here escaped the team's only thanks to the better goal the total failure of the through march into the fourth league. The following season the club played back with the front and was runner-up. In the subsequent rise of games IK Sirius was too strong and continued after a 0-1 win at Sundsvall with a 1-1 draw in front of their home crowd by.

1997 occupied IFK Sundsvall again only one relegation place. In the fourth division, the team played in the following years with the front, but in 2002 came with the runner-up title to qualify for the relegation play. There, however IFK failed after a 0-0 draw and a 0-1 defeat at Kiruna FF. 2005 was the team to reform the league system by occupied the fourth place and the subsequent qualifying round was survived without loss of points. There they remained until the descent into Fünftklassigkeit at the end of the season 2010.

Known player

  • Bo Börjesson
  • January Eriksson
  • Olle Nordin
  • Marko Tuomela