IG Bergbau, Chemie, Energie

The Mining, Chemical and Energy (IG BCE) was created in 1997 by the merger of the Mining and Energy ( IG BE) with IG Chemie - Papier-Keramik (IG CPK) and the union Leather ( GL). It has its seat at the King Platz in Hanover.

The Mining, Chemical and Energy is both a member of the German Trade Union Federation (DGB ) and in the Network European Movement Germany. It is the third- largest single union in the DGB. The end of 2013 belonged to her around 661,000 members. The union covers from professions in the fields of mining, chemical, gas, glass, rubber, ceramics, plastics, leather, petroleum, paper, refurbishment / disposal, coal and water.

Structure of the organization

The base of the organization are the local groups and union representatives who are equally at their level, side by side. Then build more units such as the District, the Regional District and the Main Board. The support of the members is via the spatial layout of a total of 44 districts, so that the competent district leadership for the members can be reached without much time and travel expenses. The trade union and political topics of the individual districts are a total of eight regional districts coordinates: Baden- Württemberg, Bavaria, Hesse / Thuringia, North, Northeast, North Rhine, Westphalia and Rhineland Palatinate. In Hanover, are the seat of the union and the executive main board with a total of five areas.

The proportion of women in the peak bodies such as the Main Board in 2011 is third, the proportion of full-time trade unionists to be filled by the IG BCE supervisory board seats to be increased to 30 percent.

For the trade union education, the three training centers in Bad Munder, holders are on the lake and Green Heath (Mark) available.


The Society for Education, Science, Seminar of IG BCE, Ltd. ( Short Name: IG BCE ESPE GmbH ), based at the headquarters of IG BCE, is the responsible for Works training educational institutions of the IG BCE. They mainly leads seminars in accordance with § 37 (6 ) WCA through.

A special feature is the Leadership Academy for BR- chairman and Excepted.

Board of Directors

At the 5th Annual Congress of Trade Unions in Hanover Michael Vassiliadis was re- elected chairman of the Mining, Chemical and Energy after he Hubertus Schmoldt was followed in the Office 2009 in October 2013. As other members of the Executive Board Edeltraud Glänzer were confirmed as deputy chairman, Egbert Biermann and Peter Hausmann and Ralf Sikorski elected as a new member.


Deputy. chairman