IG Group

IG Group is a provider of contracts for difference ( CFDs ) and other derivative financial products. The company, based in London, is listed in the FTSE 250 Index and with a turnover of 299 million pounds in fiscal year 2009 /2010 ( to May 2010), the world's leading provider of contracts for difference. The company has fourteen locations worldwide and serves some 950 employees, more than 100,000 customers such as private investors, brokers, fund managers and trading companies (as of February 2011).


The IG Group was founded in 1974 in the UK out of the idea to speculate on gold. At that time was in the UK, a trade ban on physical gold for speculative purposes. IG Index, the former name of the IG Group, the first time allowed the speculation to a gold index.

In 1982 the company expanded its range and allowed so-called Financial Spread Betting on the 30 largest capitalized UK companies that are listed in the FT 30 index. These investors could bet on the arrival or non-arrival of a certain stock price brand. In 1998, the company was the first competitor an online trading platform.

In 2000 the first listing on the London Stock Exchange ( LSE). In November 2003, was part of a management buy- outs delist the stock. In May 2005, shares of IG Group Holdings Plc valued at 393 million pounds sterling were placed on the London stock exchange. Since then, the company has 250 Index for medium-sized companies in the FTSE. Since 2006, the company is expanding globally and is represented, among others, in all major European countries.

Activities in Germany

In Germany, IG Group is represented by IG Markets, a 100 percent subsidiary based in Dusseldorf. Here, the company offers over 8000 CFDs on markets such as stocks, commodities, currencies and indices. In addition, investors can trade CFDs on about 80 different Exchange - traded funds (ETFs ) and Exchange Traded Commodities (ETC). IG Markets has been summarized from 16 September 2012, under the name of IG.

For equity CFDs Norder the stock through a Direct Market Access (DMA ) to a leading stock exchange Xetra as can be forwarded. Since November 2009 there is a possibility to transfer the equity contract for difference orders also to the multilateral trading system Chi -X and Turquoise. Thus investors will always receive the spread of the stock exchanges and are not dependent on courses, which is a market maker. Since 2008, the company offers trading in CFDs via the iPhone.