Igman Olympic Jumps

Igman Olympic Jumps 2011

43.76833333333318.250555555556Koordinaten: 43 ° 46 '6 " N, 18 ° 15 ' 2" O

The Igman Olympic Jumps, in the national language also called Malo Polje, are a ski jump at Mount Igman near Sarajevo.


For the XIV Olympic Winter Games 1984, the hills were built on Mount Igman. The plant was severely affected by the Bosnian war and has since also no longer genutzt.Am March 10, 2010 were at a press conference the party responsible for maintenance of the Olympic sports venues organization " ZOI'84 Sarajevo " the designs for rebuilding the ski jumps at Igman presented. The reconstruction as K120 and K90 bleachers for up to 50,000 spectators and a panoramic restaurant at the top of the tower start approximately 7 to 10 million euros would cost.

Large Hill

About the specifications of the jump is not much more known as the K- point of 112 m. You is not occupied by mats.

The Olympic victory secured on 18 February 1984 Finland's Matti Nykänen.

Hill record

Normal hill

The normal hill has a K - point of 90 meters, the Olympic champion on 12 February 1984, the then starting for the East German Jens Weißflog.Sie is covered with mats.

Hill record

  • 95.0 m - Yugoslavia Socialist Federal Republic of Primoz Ulaga, February 12, 1983