Ignazio Fabra

Ignazio Fabra ( born April 25, 1930 in Palermo, † April 13, 2008 in Genoa ) was an Italian wrestler. He was a two-time silver medalist at the Olympic Games and world champion in 1955 in the Flyweight, Greco-Roman style.


Ignazio Fabra began as a teenager with the rings. Da Ignazio Fabra was deaf and dumb, it is even more admirable with what strength and energy to the temperament bundle fought in the Italian top class and later also in the world-class wrestler in the Greco- Roman style. Fabra struggled throughout his career in the lightest weight class, the flyweight ( 52 kg body weight). In 1950 he was Italian flyweight champion for the first time. His first start at international championships, he completed at the 1952 Olympics in Helsinki flyweight in Greco- Roman style. He scored seven victories there and only lost in the final of the Soviet wrestler Boris Gurevich. The silver medal was the reward for his good services.

At the World Championships next year in Naples Fabra initially achieved a victory over the Olympic champion from 1948 Lennart Viitala from Finland, but then succumbed to the strong Turkish Ahmet Bilek and retire again against Boris Gurevich, and had it after the third round.

At the World Championship 1955 in Karlsruhe then Fabra succeeded the really big triumph. With six victories, he was safe world champion in superior style. Among the defeated wrestlers from him were, inter alia, the German master Heinrich Weber, Hüseyin Akbaş from Turkey and Nail Garayev from the Soviet Union.

Of course Fabra wanted to win the gold medal at the 1956 Olympic Games in Melbourne. It also seemed as if this project should succeed, because he won his first four fights, but then hit a new Soviet wrestler Nikolai Soloviev, who defeated him on points. For Fabra there remained only the silver medal again.

After Fabra at the World Cup 1958 in Budapest due to injury was unable to attend, he took at the Olympic Games in Rome in 1960 his third attempt to Olympic victory. However, he again managed not to win the tournament. This time he failed to Pârvulescu Dumitru from Romania, whom he had previously defeated several times. Ultimately, it was the 5th place.

1962 in Toledo / USA and in 1963 in Helsingborg was Fabra, who was tireless, twice vice world champion at flyweight and undertook in 1964 in Tokyo, his fourth and last attempt on the Olympic gold medal and this time it was Rolf Lacour from Köllerbach to him by a victory messed up this project on him after Fabra had already beaten the Soviet favorites Armais Sajadow. Fabra had to be satisfied with the thankless fourth place.

After the World Cup 1965 in Tampere, where he had the seventh -ranked, Fabra ended his great and successful career as a wrestler.

International success

Italian Championships

Ignazio Fabra was ten times Italian champion in the Flyweight, Greco-Roman style.


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