Igor (given name)

Igor is a male first name and a name variant of Ingvar ( Scandinavian), which was brought by the Scandinavian, Swedish mainly about Varangians in the 9th century in the Rus.

The first part of the name comes from the Proto - North Germanic * Ing ( w) ia ( Ingi - ), an epithet of the god Freyr; the second root word means * Harjaz (warrior ) or * Warjaz (defender). Igor does so either Freyr warrior, Freyr's defense or holy warriors, in which Freyr was the god of sky light, warmth, peace, rare as a fertility god.

Today the name is known by its Russian variant Igor. Among other things, it was spread by Borodin's opera "Prince Igor " in the German language area. In addition, the surname is common in the Balkans.

Igorewitsch (male) and Igorevna (female) are the Patronyme to Igor (or similar forms in other Slavic languages) in Russian.

Name day is June 18 and 19 September.


In Ukrainian, the name is pronounced as Ihor and in Lithuanian as Igoris.

Well-known bearers of the name

Historical people

  • Prince Igor († 945), the son of Rurik, Old Russian ruler of Kievan Rus
  • Igor Svyatoslavich (1151-1202), Prince of Novgorod

First name

  • Igor Akinfeev (* 1986), Russian football player
  • Igor Astarloa (born 1976 ), Spanish cyclist
  • Igor Oistrakh (* 1931), Russian violinist
  • Igor Olshansky ( b. 1982 ), U.S. American football player of Ukrainian descent
  • Igor Sekic ( born 1981 ), Croatian -Austrian football player
  • Igor Stravinsky (1882-1971), Russian composer
  • Igor Tudor (born 1978 ), Croatian football player and coach
  • Igor Vori ( born 1980 ), Croatian handball player

Art figures

  • Igor (also Ygor ) is the ( invented by the film industry ) hunchback assistant of Dr. Frankenstein.
  • Similar to Frankenstein's Igor named Terry Pratchett in his Discworld novels, a species Igor who work mostly in the " health care system".
  • Igor is an American animated film of 2008 by it's also about the hunchbacked assistants of ( mad ) scientists


Hurricane Igor, joined in September 2010 in the Atlantic and reached Category 4 on the Saffir -Simpson Hurricane Scale