Igor Sechin

Igor Ivanovich Sechin (Russian Игорь Иванович Сечин; born September 7, 1960 in Leningrad ) is a Russian politician and manager. He was until 2008 a close aide of President Vladimir Putin and Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration. Since May 12, 2008 he has been Vice - Minister of the Government of the Russian Federation, he is also chairman of the oil company Rosneft.


Sechin studied French and Portuguese Philology at Leningrad University and began his professional career as an interpreter in Mozambique and Angola, from 1988 as a clerk in the Leningrad City Council. He worked there until 1996 and worked among others with Vladimir Putin, who later became President, together. In 1996 he moved to Moscow in the Presidential Administration under then- President Boris Yeltsin. In August 1999 he was promoted to Head of the Secretariat of the Prime Minister. Since Putin took office in 2000 and until the change in the government 12 May 2008 Sechin held the post of deputy chairman of the presidential administration, since March 2004 in addition as presidential adviser.

In addition, according to media reports Sechin is one of the initiators was started in 2003 prosecution of Yukos group, because he is considered an expert in oil exports beings in Russian government circles and 1998 had even published a nonfiction book on the subject. This fact also Sechin's appointment as Rosneft chairman on 27 July 2004 is returned. Following a call by President Medvedev, Sechin stepped down from this post back in April 2011. Due to the offices exchange between Putin and Medvedev, but Sechin was on May 22, 2012 - at the instigation of the new (old ) President Putin and Medvedev issued a decree of the Prime Minister - again appointed chairman of Rosneft. In addition, he was appointed Secretary of the Presidential Commission for the development of the energy sector, has in this function but no authority over the ministers.

Sechin is married and has a daughter who is married to the son of the former Russian Minister of Justice Vladimir Ustinov since November 2003.