Igstadt is a local district of the Hessian capital Wiesbaden.

The is my closing on April 1, 1928 Place has approximately 2,100 inhabitants. The suburb is often referred to as " the gateway to the little country ".

The built at the highest point of the village in 1910, 27 m high water tower is the landmark of Igstadt.

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Igstadt extends over the eastern slope of the Wäschbachtals (169 m to 211 m above sea level. NN ) and is by the railway line Wiesbaden- Niedernhausen ( Ländchesbahn ), the motorway in the north of the city and heritage home and by the direct connection to Bierstadt traffic- very conveniently located.

The agricultural land around Igstadt be used primarily for agricultural purposes.

The nature reserve Wickerbachtal between Igstadt and Kloppenheim has a high recreational factor.

Coat of arms

The town coat of arms is the image of the old court seal, it shows on a yellow background in the middle of a stylized J and its left an ear of wheat.

Economy and infrastructure


The place is with the Wiesbaden- Igstadt station ( 50 ° 4 ' 56 " N, 8 ° 19 ' 32 " O50.0822222222228.3255555555556 ) connected to the Ländchesbahn that connects the district with the Wiesbaden Central Station and Lower Hausen im Taunus. Igstadt is also connected with the buses the ESWE traffic to public transport in Wiesbaden.


Town council election results

Since 1977, at the same time, but regardless of chosen with the elections to the Wiesbaden city council town council of Wiesbaden- Igstadt ( indicated in the table in percent).

The distribution of seats in the town council Wiesbaden- Igstadt looks like this:


The Turnverein Igstadt 1886 ( TVI ) is the largest club in the village and has 1048 members. The program includes table tennis, athletics, sports rehab and back school, ski gymnastics, running, Nordic walking and handball. The handball section of the TVI had their greatest success in the final of the Hessen Cup in 2004. A- Youth of the vintage 86/87 had secured the league championship participation. The first team currently plays in the district league. The first women's team is located in the district Class A. Home ground of handball player of the TVI is the Wettin hall in the vocational training center in Wiesbaden.

There is also a shooting club Wiesbaden- Igstadt 1965 eV

Neighboring districts

Adjacent neighborhoods are clockwise in the northwest starting Kloppenheim, Medenbach, Breckenheim, North City, Heritage Home and Bierstadt.