IHF Handball Challenge 12

IHF Handball Challenge 12 is a handball computer game. It is developed by Neutron Games since July 7, 2007 for the PC. The game includes the licenses of the International Handball Federation (IHF ) and the Handball Bundesliga and Liga ASOBAL. In addition to the two leagues more clubs are represented, who play in the World League.

Leagues and Clubs

Handball - Bundesliga, 2 Handball Bundesliga, Liga ASOBAL, AG København, IF Guif, Hammarby IF HF, KS Vive Kielce, Montpellier HB, NYC Team Handball Club, RK Celje, cadets Schaffhausen and Neutron Games Allstars.



In a friendly game you can play two, let them play against each of the 90 clubs. In this mode it is possible to play with up to three friends on one PC.

IHF World Championship mode

In the World Cup mode, you can with a nation that was represented in Sweden at the World Handball Championship in 2011, re-enacting the entire World Cup again.

League mode

In league mode, you can play a full season and win the championship with a team of your choice from the Handball - Bundesliga or Liga ASOBAL.

Own Avatar

In the game it is possible to create their own avatar. For this purpose, in the feature Character Customization are many options available to customize the look. You can also specify still his favorite club on the profile control. By specifying the favorite team is playing on the side of his idols possible with this club. Need to improve their own avatar to complete the Handball Challenge Training Camp different workouts to gain experience points. These experience points you get skill points that can be individually distributed to different skill levels.


Although there is not the possibility to extend the game, sites have been found that deal in detail with the game. In Germany the website handball Zone provides a platform to discuss and even offers reviews. In France obtained at Jeux Handball all the news in French. In addition, the site has the complete game translated into French.