Ihme near the southern city limits of Hannover

River in downtown

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The Ihme (Ih ) is an approximately 16 km long left tributary of the Leine in Lower Saxony. From the mouth of the rapids trench in Hannover ( line - km 17.31 ) to the mouth of the line (km 20.89 ) the Ihme is a federal waterway for which the Water and Shipping Authority Brunswick is responsible.


The Ihme forms in the eastern foothills Deister near the village Evestorf. The river is there initially called Landwehr and receives inflow from coming from the west Wennigser Mühlbach and the coming of the southwest Brede Bach stream, which Beeke. From there, the Ihme flows first east- northeast. At their source was built as a tourist landmark 2009 of Ortsrat Evestorf and the traffic and Beautification Association Wennigsen v. 1896 " Ihmestein ". The local arms of Evestorf shows the Ihme with her two source rivers.

The Ihme gives the lie southwest of Hanover village Ihme his name, which forms the Ronnenberger district Ihme - Roloven together with the village Roloven.

After six kilometers, the Ihme reached the Hanover district Rickingen. There they partially flows on steep banks along with several turns through the Ricklinger wood and then to the Ricklinger gravel ponds and the pool Rickingen over. Here in the northern part of the Great Ricklinger pond drained the Seniebach the Ricklinger gravel ponds in the Ihme. A river dike protects Rickingen from flooding. In Rickingen the Ihme is traditionally referred to as " Beeke " (see the local Beekestraße ).

At the level of the railway line between Hanover and Altenbeken ( at the intersection of the neighborhoods Rickingen, Linden-Süd and Calenberger Neustadt ) opens the Quick digging into the Ihme whose outflow is increased by many times. The Fast digging begins at the level of the middle of the Maschsee and takes the leash a significant part of their water.

At high tide most of the water line is fed into the Ihme to preserve the downtown Hanover from flooding. For this purpose, the riverbed of Ihme between Fast trench mouth and lies within a flood trench ( at least one, usually on both sides of the normal river bed stretches a large open space ), through its capacity very strong floods can be discharged itself.

In order to improve flood protection in a century floods continue, was demolished in the Benno Ohnesorg Bridge from 2008 to 2012 and replaced by a 20 m long structure. Through excavations of the riparian zone of the outflow of Ihme is increased significantly at high water. Counter associated with this construction project precipitation of numerous trees on the east bank between Benno Ohnesorg Bridge and Leinertbrücke protested in a citizens' initiative merged residents.

In Linden-Mitte borough of the Ihme was built in the 1970s in the style of brutalism the Ihme - center on the shore. Just north, the CHP in Linden, which electricity and district heating is produced. North of the city parts Linden-Nord and Calenberger Neustadt opens the Ihme the so-called " linen triangle" in the line. This place is mainly known in Hanover Fährmannseck, on which trading takes place Fährmannsfest Hannover regularly.

The entertainment of the Ihme responsible to the confluence of the rapids trench the entertainment federation 52 "Medium leash ".


The proceeds of the linen water over the rapids trench is the Ihme of a small river into a navigable waterway. In conjunction with the leash, the leash and the connecting channel to pass channel Hannover -Linden is a link to the Mittelland Canal. This scenic route through the inner city is mostly used by cruise ships and pleasure boats.

The Ihme is below the influx of high-speed trench a popular spot for Hanover rowing. The water body is traversed by three rowing clubs ( Angaria, DRC, rowing club Linden ).

Tele water at the crossing of the Green Ring Hannover on the Ihme at Devese

Ihmebrücke at Devese

Flood of Ihme on Ihme Center

Ihme estuary in the line ( line coming from the right )