The Belém in the Sauerland is about 12.2 km long, left-sided and western tributary of the Bigge in the Mark Brandenburg circuit and in the district of Olpe, North Rhine -Westphalia ( Germany ). It runs in the Natural Park Ebbegebirge.


As the Belém Tower rises in Märkischen circle at the North flank of Mount Horst ( 514.9 m above sea level. NN ). Your source is located in the city of Meinerzhagen on the edge of the yard Wick Esch songs that belongs to the eastern district Altenvalbert. It is located at about 457 m above sea level. NN.

In predominantly easterly direction as the Belém between the Ebbegebirge in the northwest and the Bigge in the southeast through the park Ebbegebirge flows: In the beginning of the stream towards Altenvalbert controls in the northeast, but buckled before the village to the east, and increases the water of Wutbecke and their inflow to Ihne, the coming accrues as Ihne namesake creek from Altenvalbert nearing Wutbeckemündung.

A little further down stream affected the Belém Ihne the village, a suburb of Meinerzhagen, after which the left side opens the Narrow Becke. Later open in the district Mühlhofe coming from the north the low tide water ( low tide Bach) and from the same direction in the district Grote meadow of small Rinkscheider Siepen.

After right-sided mouth of Worpscheider Bach goes through the Belém Albringhausen, a district of Attendorn in Olpe district, where the left side flows to the intrigues Bach. From this area it runs on 2.462 km length by Attendorner city.

Then touches the Belém Lister Scheid and runs through the district paper mill where from the north flowing the Wesebach opens. Then it passes through the district of Petersburg and flows through the district Kraghammer.

After the Belém passed the district New Listernohl to coming to open just below the Bigge dam, directly south-southwest of Attendorner core city and a few meters after confluence of flowing from the north corner of Bach from the west to about 257 m altitude in the Bigge, the immediately previously from south into underground tunnels entfließt the Bigge and then tends towards the Lenne.

Catchment and hydrology

The catchment area of ​​Ihne is 44.493 km ². The Ruhr Association operates the level Kraghammer whose zero point is at 275.138 m height at the Ihne.


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