Ihor Kalynets

Ihor Mikhailovich Kalynetz (Ukrainian Ігор Миронович Калинець, scientific transliteration Igor Kalynec; born July 9, 1939) is a Ukrainian poet and writer. He was one of the representatives of the " 60s ", a producer and a dissident of self- publishing. Kalynetz is the author of 17 poetry anthologies which were written between the early 60s and 1981. He is an honorary doctorate from the National Ivan Franko University of Lviv.


Kalynetz was born in Chodoriw in Lviv. He studied from 1956 to 1961 at the University of Lviv philology. After graduating, he worked in the main archive Lviv. Because of his involvement in a dissident movement, he was sentenced to six years in prison and three years of forced expulsion. After his return to Lviv, he began working as an editor of a magazine in the culture department. His poetic work can be chronologically in two parts: 9 books before his conviction in 1972 -written ( of which only " Wogonj Kupala ", which is also the first was at the same time was in the Ukraine in 1966 published The others were published by himself. . ) And 8, which were during his detention and his expulsion (until 1991 they existed only through self- publication) written. In 1991, two volumes of his poetry have been published: " sprightly Muse" (Warsaw), " Enslaved Muse" (Baltimore - Toronto ). In the same year an anthology of his selected works " 13 analogies " in Ukraine was published. Also, some books were published with poems for children, which were sold not only in Ukraine, but also in countries with a significant number of Ukrainians (Kazakhstan, Canada, USA, Argentina).


  • " Medal of Freedom " (10 July 2009) - for civil courage in defending the ideals of freedom and justice as well as for its rich literary activity
  • " Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise of the 5th degree " ( 17 March 2008) - for significant personal contribution to the development of national culture, for creative progress and high professionalism
  • " State Award of Ukraine Taras Shevchenko " for the book " 13 analogies " (1992)
  • 1992 Kalynetz received the award name Vasilii Stusas.
  • In 1977 he was honored with the award of the Ivan Franko of the Ukrainian Diaspora in Chicago.

" Knowledge and ignorance about Antonych "

The two editions differ except in the jacket, which was produced by West Ukrainian contemporary artists in the 1930s is that the text is extensive. In addition, the expression is much more direct and straightforward. It was written on faktographischem material. It is still regarded as the most important source for the biography of one of the main Ukrainian writers of the 20th century. " Knowledge and ignorance about Antonych " answered a series of questions that have long readers and Valuers of creation of Antonych stood and Kalynetz interested before exploring. Many events described in the book ( The discovery of the tomb Antonytschs, as well as the occurrence of events between the 1960s and 1980s, which served to popularize his work ), the author experienced as their initiator and active participant. The idea to write a book about Antonych, Kalynetz had at its 100 -year anniversary.

At the book is also Iljanizkij Danilo and Olga Djadintschuk involved. Iljanizkij, the writer of the "Complete Collection of Creation" ( Lviv, 2009) compiled, wrote the chapter "university". Djadintschuk authored the chapter " Antonych in Boratyn ". Boratyn is a settlement in the Lviv Oblast, in the Antonytschs parents lived long (where they are buried ), and where he himself had spent a lot of time.

The output contains the following chapters: " Childhood ", " school ", " university", "Circle of Ukrainisten ", " ANUM ", " UTB ", " Lewandowka ", " Antonych in Boratyn ", "Publications ", " opera" Dovbusch "," creation process "," friends "," illness "," funeral "," portrait "," grave "," bride " and " Archive ".

The value of the book lies in the "Attachment " - there are articles by Dmitry Butschenskij, Walerjan Rebutskij, Irina Kalynets, Ivan Gretschka, as well as letters from Olga Oleynik to father Iosef Kladotschnij and Mikoli Newrilij, the documents of the KGB from 1897 and the list of the winners of the competition " welcome to life " in honor of Bohdan Antonych. The book ends with the poem of the participant of this competition, a Ukrainian poet named Roman Tarnawskij.

Selected Publications

  • « Знание и Незнание про Антоныча » [ knowledge and ignorance about Antonych ]
  • « Сказки из Львова » [ Tales of Lviv ]
  • « Глупые сказки » [ Silly Fairy Tales ]
  • « Терновый любви цвет: Малая книжка любовной лирики " [ The thorn border color of love: The little book of love poetry ]
  • " Почти сказки, о возвращении Девы Марии » [ Almost a fairy tale, about the return of the Virgin Mary]
  • « Одержимость ( Интервью Юрия Зайцева с Игорем Каленцом )» [ obsession ( interview with Yuri Zaytzev Ihor Kalynetz ) ]
  • « Господин Никто: Длинная сказка " [ Mr. Nobody: a long tale ]
  • « Небылицы про котика и кошечку » [ fables about Katarchen and kittens ]