Ihr Auftrag, Pater Castell

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Your order, Father Castell is a crime series that was developed by the Universum Film AG (Ufa ) produced in Munich and Rome and will be broadcast on ZDF since May 8, 2008.


In the series "your order, Pater Castell " Criminal cases are shown in the church and the police need to work together, because the cases could jeopardize the existence of the church, a man of the Catholic Church in Germany but may not identify themselves.


Monsignor Simon Castell is a Jesuit who has special order of the Vatican to solve the world over criminal cases, which are always associated with the church. Therefore Pater Castell had to acquire a variety of skills, such as airplane flying, open locked doors and locks, learn self-defense and also repair motorcycles.

Send to accompany the first season showed the ZDF in the station 's library four so-called webisodes, short stories, in which the history of Father tells how he was trained as a Special Representative.

Each episode usually lasts 45 minutes. The start of season 3 was sent because of the extensive scenario in a double episode of 90 minutes.



Guest Cast

Episode List


  • Season 1 - episodes 1-4, published on 20 November 2009
  • Season 2 - Episodes 5-10, published on 18 December 2009

The DVDs published by "ZDF video" as DVD-9 media type and include a full season.