Ihrhove–Nieuweschans railway

The railway line empty Groningen is a diesel-powered mass transit line connecting the provincial capital of Groningen in the northern Netherlands with the empty railway junction and so with the rail network in the north west of Lower Saxony. It is the northernmost railway line between the Netherlands and Germany, but has little national significance. Important intermediate stations are Weener, Winschoten and Hoogezand. Since there are no border controls and continuous trips are offered, the frontier station of Bad Nieuweschans ( Bad Neuschanz ) has become insignificant. The part of the Dutch section west of Zuidbroek is two-pronged.


The Dutch section of Groningen to Bad Nieuweschans was opened in 1863 to 1 November 1868 by the Dutch State Railways. The German section that built the Grand Duchy of Oldenburg State Railways, followed on November 26, 1876., The marriage has been a treaty between the State of Oldenburg and the Netherlands of 27 June 1874, a contract between Oldenburg and Prussia on March 17, 1874 based on the the construction allowed on that time Prussian soil.

The most important structure in this section is the frieze bridge over the river Ems east of Weener. It must be partially lifted aside in the transfer of cruise ships the Papenburg shipyard Meyer with floating cranes and hung back, rail traffic is then interrupted by the day.

The German section was long considered decommissioning at risk, in the 1990s, the train service was temporarily suspended. It was resumed in 2002, but had to be switched due to different signal systems and older, admitted only in each State a railcar at the border.

In one of the first international tenders by local transport services connecting to the British Arriva was awarded offering since 2006 through traffic. While in the Netherlands usually every half hour is gone, there is east of the border an hourly service. In addition to national and international rail tickets, the tickets ( OV- chip Kart) of the national tariff system of the Netherlands are valid on the entire route.

Station in Scheemda

The Friesenbrücke

Station Weener with Arriva train