IIHF Continental Cup 2010

The IIHF Continental Cup 2009/10 was the 13th edition of the discharged by the International Ice Hockey Federation IIHF competition. The tournament was held 25 September 2009 to 17 January 2010. A total of 19 teams from 19 countries participated in the tournament. The winner of the Austrian club EC Red Bull Salzburg emerged from the final tournament.

Two final round participants were set, the host Brûleurs de Loups de Grenoble and the HK Junost Minsk from Belarus, representing the highest ranked countries according to the IIHF World Ranking 2009, which have registered for the tournament. The other two finalists were determined in three qualifying rounds.

  • 2.2.1 Group B
  • 2.2.2 Group C
  • 2.3.1 Group D
  • 2.3.2 Group E
  • 3.1 Group F
  • 4.1 Winning Team


Due to the expansion of the field of the Champions Hockey League for the 2009/10 season only participants from the countries were initially provided, which do not occupy the first seven positions in the IIHF leagues rankings. Thus, the national federations of Russia, Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland and Slovakia were initially not allowed to register a team for the competition.

Since the International Ice Hockey Federation, however, in April 2009 announced that it will probably not come to the envisaged CHL expansion because of the financial crisis, the performance appraisal system was revised in May again. In addition to the eligible teams - either the winner, runner, or any other top club in the country, which is determined by the national association - were allowed until May 18, and the associations of the top 7 nations Report a subscriber. However, this was not allowed to participate in the Champions Hockey League. The message of a team was exempt any association within the Continental Cup.

Due to the complete cancellation of the Champions Hockey League in mid-June, ultimately the participation of some teams in the competition, which would actually started in the CHL.

  • Bulgaria HK Slawia Sofia
  • Estonia Tartu Kalev - Välk
  • France Brûleurs de Loups de Grenoble
  • Hungary Újpesti TE Budapest
  • Israel Ice Time Herzlia
  • Italy Bolzano HC
  • Kazakhstan Karaganda HK Saryarka
  • Latvia Liepaja Metalurgs HK
  • Lithuania SC Energia Elektrėnai
  • Netherlands HYS The Hague
  • Poland KS Cracovia Krakow
  • Miercurea Ciuc Romania SC
  • HDK Maribor Slovenia Stavbar
  • Spain FC Barcelona HG
  • Sokol Kiev Ukraine HK


First round

The matches of the first round took place from 25 to 27 September 2009 in the Turkish capital Ankara instead.

Group A

In Group A, which included four reigning national champion, the Spanish champions FC Barcelona HG sat confidently through with three wins from three games. Already after the second tournament the qualifications of the Iberians was as good as certain, after the main rival HK Slawia Sofia 3-1 was defeated. Only the host Polis Akademisi Ankara had on the last day of the tournament still overtake the chance on a direct comparison to Barcelona. With a 13:1 win the match ends but significantly for the Spaniards. Sofia had to settle for second place at the end, Ankara ended the tournament in third place and from the Israeli champions Herzlia Pituach HC was no point profit group in fourth.

Second Round

The second round of the Continental Cup was played in two groups of 23 to 25 October 2009. The venues were Miercurea Ciuc in Romania and Krakow in Poland. The winner of Group A, FC Barcelona HG, qualified to participate in group B.

Group B

The ultimate duel to win the group took place on the very first tournament match day, when the Dutch champions HYS The Hague Miercurea Ciuc the host SC just 4-3 to beat. With unchallenged victories over Újpesti TE Budapest and the qualifiers FC Barcelona HG on the following days they finally secured the ticket to participate in the third round. The hosts from Miercurea Ciuc had to settle for second place, while the Hungarians from Budapest landed on the third place. As chance proved to be the Spanish champions, who lost all games clear.

In total, the six games, which were held in 4,000 -seat vakar Lajos Műjégpálya, attended by 4,600 spectators.

Group C

Analogous to the group B, the tournament starting already decided on the opening day. The hosts beat of KS Cracovia Krakow there the Kazakh representative HK Saryarka Karaganda 3-2. With both sides against the other two group members easily dissolved their tasks, the poles of the group prevailed, by the winner. Karaganda took second place in the final standings. In the battle for third place Tartu Kalev - Välk won from Estonia through against SC Energia Elektrėnai.

A total of 5,800 spectators attended the six tournament games over the three days.

Prior to the tournament, the representatives of the Estonian Tallinn Stars had filed for bankruptcy and was subsequently replaced by the League rival Tartu Kalev - Välk.

Third Round

The third round of the Continental Cup was held from November 29, 2009 27. It was played in two groups in the Italian Bolzano and Latvia Liepāja. The winner of Group B, HYS The Hague, qualified to participate in Group D, while the winner of Group C, KS Cracovia Krakow, the ticket to participate in the group E solved.

Group D

Like last year, the HC Bolzano hosted one of the two third-round tournaments, but this time missed the leap into the Super Final. After the first two match days, the hosts and the Sheffield Steelers had emerged with two victories as favorites for the tournament victory. The HDK Maribor Stavbar and the qualifier HYS The Hague played only a minor role and determined on the last day of the tournament the Group to third parties. Ultimately, the Dutch champions secured from the seat of government The Hague the position by a 4-1 victory over Maribor. In the final duel of the tournament, the Sheffield Steelers won against the HC Bolzano just 4-3 in the shootout. So they got their revenge not only for the narrow defeat, which had suffered the League rival Coventry Blaze last year at the decisive duel, but qualified with it for the final tournament in January.

A total of 14,050 spectators attended the six games, which corresponds to an average attendance of 2341.7. The previous mark at the tournament in Bolzano was thus increased by more than 4,500 spectators.

Group E

Less closely than in group D it went to in Group E. There, the EC Red Bull Salzburg celebrated reaching the Super Final after the second day of the tournament. After Salzburg and hosts Liepāja won their opening games against the HK Sokol Kiev and KS Cracovia Krakow, the Austrians defeated the remaining competitors HK Liepaja Metalurgs 4-3. The qualifiers from Krakow succeeded on the same day with a win in the penalty shootout against Kiev, the biggest surprise of the weekend. On the final day, the Ukrainians secured with a win over the host team still in second place, while Salzburg brought the tournament with three wins without prejudice to an end.

On the three days a total of 3,339 spectators attended the six tournament games. For an average of 556.5 per game viewers has been reached.

Super Final

The Super Final of the Continental Cup was held to 17 January 2010 from 15. The venue of the tournament was the French Grenoble. In addition to the set of representatives from France and Belarus, the Brûleurs de Loups de Grenoble and the HK Junost Minsk, secured in the final qualifying round of the Sheffield Steelers in the UK, as winners of Group D, and EC Red Bull Salzburg in Austria, as group E winners, the remaining two seats.

Already on Matchday made ​​the two qualifiers from Salzburg and Sheffield attention and won their opening games against the two seeded teams. The second day of the tournament started with the game, the two winners of the previous day, which decided the Austrian sovereign in their favor. So you need the hosts from Grenoble in the second days play a victory in the regular season to the last day is the possibility to keep open on the Cup victory. Since they took the victory in the shootout but just two points from the encounter, the first European Cup victory since 1998 by an Austrian team before the last day was clear. Thus, the games on the final day only had statistical significance. The HK Junost Minsk secured with a victory over the Sheffield Steelers rank second. The tournament winner EC Red Bull Salzburg underlined with a 9:4 victory over the Brûleurs de Loups de Grenoble its dominance during the whole tournament.

The six games at the 3,496 -seat Pôle Sud visited a total of 16,800 spectators. The three games of the host were sold out.

Group F


Player Trophies

The awards at the final tournament goalie Andrew Verner received from the Sheffield Steelers, the Canadian defender Doug Lynch in the service of the tournament winner EC Red Bull Salzburg and the Ukraine striker Oleksandr Materuchin from white Russian club HK Junost Minsk.

The crown of the Topscorers and best template generator secured the Austrian Matthias Trattnig from EC Red Bull Salzburg. His seven assists were not on offer in the two classifications. His team-mate and countryman Daniel Welser secured with four hits, the top scorer. The best fishing quota among the goalkeepers had before Andrew Verner, who saved 91.18 percent of the shots on his goal.

Winning team

Goalkeepers: Reinhard Divis, David LENEVEU

Attacker: Brent Aubin, Ryan Duncan, Jonathan Filewich, Michael Gergen, Dominique Henry, Thomas Koch, Manuel Latusa, Marco Pewal, Steve Regier, Michael Schickl, Martin Ulmer, Kelsey Wilson

Head coach Pierre Pagé