IJzendijke is a village in the municipality of Sluis in the Dutch province of Zeeland. Early 2012, lived in the village around 2200 inhabitants.


The place was a port city and a commercial hub in medieval times. It received city rights in 1303. On November 19, 1404 Ijzendijke was engulfed in Elizabeth flood of the floods. It was later built on another site. During the Eighty Years' War, the Spanish Duke of Parma was built on the northwest side of the old town a fortress with four bastions. The fort was later expanded. IJzendijke was a separate municipality until 1970. Since the municipal reorganization in 2003 the city belongs to the municipality of Sluis.


The attractions of IJzendijke the marketplace part with some listed buildings, such as the Windmill De Witte Juffer to 1841, the Church in the Kerkstraat 2 of the 1612 and the Het Bolwerk Museum voor de State Spaanse línies.


Church: de Onze Lieve Vrouwe th Hemelopnemingskerk

Church, Anno 1612

Windmill De Witte Juffer


Grade II listed house on the market