Ikhshidid dynasty

The Ichschididen (Arabic إخشيديون, DMG Iḫšīdiyūn ) were a dynasty of Turkish origin in the early Islamic Egypt, they ruled the country 935-969.

List of rulers Ichschididen

  • Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn al - Tughdsch Ichschid ( 935-946 )
  • Abu al -Qasim ibn Muhammad Unudschur ( 946-961 )
  • Abu l -Hasan Ali ibn Muhammad ( 961-966 ) Abu al - Misk Kafur ( 966-968 )

The Ichschid Muhammad ibn Tughdsch was used by the caliph 930 for governor in Syria and Egypt in 933. Despite the strong position of power, he recognized the suzerainty of the Abbasids continued. However, he had to defend inside his rule against the attacks of the Fatimids of Ifriqiya and uprisings by Shi'ites.

For the followers of Muhammad, the black eunuch Kafur won the regency and 966 could also achieve its recognition as governor by the Caliph. He was a great patron of art and science. However, it succeeded the Fatimids to conquer already under the Ichschididenherrscher Abu l - 969 Fawaris Egypt and overthrow the dynasty.