35.9079314.45286Koordinaten: 35 ° 54 ' N, 14 ° 27' O

Iklin ( or L- Iklin ) is a relatively modern village in the middle of the island of Malta, situated between Birkirkara, Naxxar and Lija. Iklin was cleaved in the recent past from the neighboring village of Lija. A number of shops was created in the area. Iklin also has its own parish church, so that it no longer depends in this respect from Lija. First Communion and Confirmation will be held in the Chapel of Iklin. Annual activities include: Jum l - Iklin ( Iklin tag) house of the parish collections There is a small chapel, St the. Is dedicated to Michael. His feast is celebrated on the Sunday prior to September 29. This chapel is believed to be originated in 1615 in place of an earlier chapel. The report of Monsignor Dusina on his Apostolic Visit in 1575 describes the chapel in a very sorry state.

Archaeological sites

Although Iklin has emerged only recently ( the first houses were built in 1958 ), there are still some small areas of archaeological relevance:

  • A magalithische archaeological site, perhaps the remains of a temple, was discovered in 1967 by the teenagers Din l - Art Helwa group of St. Aloysius College. The site was crawled but never professionally studied.
  • A second megalithic site was in 1986, during the works researched at the Birkirkara bypass; it is known as Tar- Raddiema. Two large and several smaller megaliths are still visible, but are overlooked in the busy street often. The ruins are dated by pottery shards found there to the temple of time.
  • The foundations of a Roman villa have been excavated in 1975 during construction work. This site was destroyed soon after its excavation in the name of progress.