Il Manifesto

Il Manifesto ( The Manifesto Italian ) is an Italian daily newspaper with left basic orientation. The support stands at less than 20,000 copies.

An eponymous predecessor was founded in 1969 by a group of communist left, in the " hot autumn " in 1969 from the party excluded functionaries to Luigi Pintor and Rossana Rossanda and first appeared monthly. Since April 1971 il manifesto appear in the newspaper in Rome. The Communist Party at that time pursued a later described as Euro communism line in which she distanced herself from the idea of a revolutionary upheaval and sought the transition to socialism on the way of parliamentary democracy and distanced himself from the demands of the '68 movement.

Despite critical contributions to the Italian Communist Party (PCI), the paper was read by many voters of the party to whom the party newspaper L' Unità appeared too moderate. After the dissolution of the PCI 1991 Il Manifesto of the Communist Refoundation approached on politically, but without abandoning its own independence.

Il Manifesto is a critical left-wing daily.

The Italian edition of the French monthly Le Monde diplomatique is available as a paid supplement to Il Manifesto.

On February 4, 2005, a reporter for the newspaper, Giuliana Sgrena, kidnapped in Iraq and released after negotiations on March 4.

As the taz reported in an article dated 25 January 2014 page 39, had the end of 2012, the cooperative originally founded, also due to government cuts for cooperative newspapers to file for bankruptcy. The staff, however, managed to establish a new cooperative and to secure the naming rights " Il Manifesto " on rental basis for 26,000 euros a month. Responsible editor in chief since 2010 Norma Rangeri and the newspaper has 45 journalists and nine employees in administration and continues to appear daily from Tuesday to Sunday.

Literature (selection )

Statements of the group Il Manifesto and the newspaper articles were published in Germany only in the early 1970s (especially of Merve in Berlin)