Il tabarro

  • Michele ( Marcel ) - Baritone
  • Luigi ( Henri ) - Tenor
  • Tinca ( the "Barn " ) - Tenor
  • Talpa (the " mole" ) - Bass
  • Giorgetta (also Georgette ) - Soprano
  • Frugola ( Ferrets) - Alt
  • A song seller, a pair of lovers, including

Suor Angelica ( " The Cloak" ) is an opera in one act by Giacomo Puccini. The composer joined them with the two one-act operas Suor Angelica and Gianni Schicchi, Il trittico ( " The Triptych " ), which premiered at the three plants in the above order on December 14, 1918 at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City. The libretto Giuseppe Adami after the play La Houppelande by French author Didier gold.


Giacomo Puccini was aimed a cycle, the Trittico post, which should include the performance of a tragic, a lyric ( Suor Angelica ), and a serene piece ( Gianni Schicchi ) in one evening. Suor Angelica forms the tragic first act


The opera is set in Paris, 1910

Location: a floating barge at the banks of the Seine

The gray-haired skipper Michele loves his young wife Giorgetta who also swears her love to him, but has actually started after the death of their child a relationship with the deletion workers Luigi. Giorgetta and Luigi arrange to go on a late night meeting on Michele's tractor. Unsuccessfully asks his wife Michele in the evening, again to build on the happy times of the past and to give their marriage another chance. Giorgetta but pretends to be tired and want to go to bed.

Michele, whose worst suspicion seems to be confirmed now is desperate and called his wife a whore. He remains on deck. When he unconsciously used the prearranged identification, he discovers Luigi and strangled him. Then he wrapped the body in his cloak, with which he had warmed his wife in better days. As Giorgetta who has heard something comes up, Michele invites them to sit down with him under his coat. With reproachful words, he shows her the corpse of her lover. Giorgetta cries out, and the curtain falls.