Ilam Province

Ilam (or Elam; ایلام Persian, Kurdish ILAM ) is one of the 31 provinces of Iran with the eponymous capital of Ilam.

In the province of 545 787 people ( 2006 census ). The area of ​​the province covers 20,133 square kilometers. The population density is 27 inhabitants per square kilometer.


Ilam is located in the southwest of the country, bordering Iraq. Cities in Ilam are Mehran, Dehloran, Darius Shahr, Shirvan Va Chardavol, Aivan and Abdanan.

The majority of the inhabitants are Kurds. In addition there Shiite Lurs live here. Among the Kurds and the Gorani dialect Leki is widespread.


The corresponding area was in former times a part of the kingdom of Elam, which is absorbed into the Persian Empire and of which the name of the province derives. In Elamite and Babylonian inscriptions the province or Alamto Alam, which means " the mountains" or " Land of the Sunrise " was meant.

After the Achaemenids and Macedonians the Sassanids conquered the region. From the late 11th until the 13th century dominated Kurdish tribes of the area.

1930 belonged to the province of Ilam still Kermanshah.


  • Imamzadehs ( shrines from the Middle Ages ): Shrine of Ali Saleh, Imamzadeh Seyd Mammad Abed, Imamzadeh Seyd Akbar, Imamzadeh Seyd Fakhreddin, Imamzadeh Seyd Nasereddin, Shrine of Ibrahim, Shrine of Abbas Shrine of Abdullah, Shrine of Pir Muhammad, Shrine of Baba Seifuddin, Imamzadeh Mehdi Saleh, Shrine of Ibrahim Qetal, Imamzadeh Seyd Hasan, Imamzadeh Seyd Salaheddin Muhammad, Imamzadeh Haji Bakhtiar, Shrine of Haji Hazer, Imamzadeh Jabir.
  • Ruins of Zoroastrian Fire Temple: Siyahgol Ivan, Chahar Taghi in Dara Shahr.
  • Castles, forts and castles: Ghal'eh Vali ( Qajar era ), Posht Ghal'eh Chowar, Ghal'eh Paghela Chekarbuli, Ghal'eh Falahati ( Qajar era ), Shiagh Castle in Dehloran ( Sassanid era ), Ismail Khan -Fort Sam castle (late Parthian era ), Pur - Ashraf castle, Mir Gholam Hashemi Ghal'eh, Posht Ghal'eh Abdanan ( Sassanid era ), Konjancham Fort, Shirin and Farhad Iwan in Mehran ( Parthian era ), Hezar - Dar castle ( Sassanid era ), Sheikh Makan Fort ( Sassanid era ), Zeinal -Fort.
  • Bridges from the Sassanid era
  • Archaeological sites and ruins from the Sassanian era and later
  • Ancient reliefs
  • Ruins of ancient settlements
  • Springs, caves (including caves of Zinegan ) and nature parks

Administrative divisions

The province is divided into seven districts.


  • Ilam University of Medical Sciences
  • University of Ilam
  • Islamic Azad University of Ilam
  • Payame noor University of Ilam