Ilanit ( born September 17, 1947 in Tel Aviv -Yafo as Hanna Drezner Tzakh ) is an Israeli singer.

As a 15 -year-old, she was discovered at a talent contest. Together with her ​​then-husband Shlomo Zach was the Schlagerduo Ilan & Ilanit, which was a huge success in Israel in the 1960s. After dissolution of the group in 1969, she has been active as a solo singer. She participated in several international vocal competitions and was allowed Israel represented twice in the Euro Vision Song Contest: The competition in 1973 in Luxembourg, she joined the first contribution of Israel in the ESC history. As a security measure against an attack she had to wear under her dress at her performance a bulletproof vest. With the title Ey Sham she reached the fourth place. At the competition in 1977 in London, she took with Ahava Hi Shir Lishnayim eleventh place. At that time she was one of the most successful singers of Israel. In addition to her pop and pop music she sang also albums of children's songs.