Illano is a municipality in the autonomous community of Asturias, in northern Spain.


The community is bounded by Boal in the north, Pesoz and Santa Eulalia de Oscos in the south of Villayón, Allande and Boal in the west and in the east of Villanueva de Oscos and Castropol.


Finds from the Stone Age that were made in the last 20 years, confirm the early settlement of the region. In the Sierra de Carondio barrows and dolmens have been found that are very impressive evidence of this era today.

The Middle Ages is marked by great religious activities such as the founding of the monastery at nearby Villanueva de Oscos.

Under the reign of Felipe II, Illano ransomed of the administrative and judicial sovereignty Castropols for the amount of 6,323,766 maravedis, and thus got the independence.



The predominantly of limestone and sandstone substrate with the Sierra de Bobia ( 1,136 m) as highest point is typical of the whole region.


The municipality is crossed by the River Navia and several smaller tributaries.


As in many parts of Asturias prevails by its proximity to the Gulf Stream, there is here an almost Mediterranean climate with warm summers and mild winters, in spring and autumn it is sometimes relatively strong storms.


After the times of the rural exodus, the age structure is relatively high, the migration of youth has led to almost exclusively agriculture has remained as an economic factor, but is also caused to be recognized by the aging of a farmer dying. Trade and production are as good as non-existent.



The 9 seats in the municipal council are elected every 4 years, and are subdivided as follows:


  • La casa ( house ) Armera de Mojardín from the 18th century
  • El Santuario de Nuestra Señora del Pastor, from 1665th
  • La iglesia (church) parroquial de Nuestra Señora in Bullaso.
  • La iglesia (church) parroquial de Santa Leocadia in Illano.

Festivals and Celebrations


The municipality is divided into 5 parroquias:

  • Bullaso - 107 inhabitants (2006)
  • Gio - 28 inhabitants (2006)
  • Herias - 76 inhabitants (2006)
  • Illano - 286 inhabitants ( 2006)
  • Ronda - 29 inhabitants (2006)

(Source: INE )

Hamlets and villages

  • San Esteban de los Buitres
  • La Montaña
  • Cernias - 2 Population (2006)
  • El Pato
  • Lantero - 10 inhabitants (2006)
  • Navedo -


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