Illinois (Album)


Illinois (also: Sufjan Stevens Invites You To: Come On Feel the Illinoise ) is the fifth album by American songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Sufjan Stevens.

Name and Album Cover

After Greetings from Michigan Illinois was already Stevens ' second named after a U.S. state concept album. Stevens himself fueled rumors that it was planning a cycle for all 50 states, but in 2009 said in an interview that there were more like a marketing gimmick.

There were legal problems because of the album cover. The original version contained a picture of Superman in front of the Chicago skyline. This was initially pasted over because of copyright issues with a sticker with balloons, the balloons were later integrated into the artwork.


The critic votes for Illinois were the appearance really positive. Thus, the album received at Allmusic, Q, Rolling Stone and four out of five points; at Pitchfork Media even 9.2 of 10

In retrospect, the review is a little better; the album was found in numerous years leaderboards on front ranks again (about 7th place at the NME ) and later also in leaderboards to 2000s Decade; see the following options:

The album also received the New Pantheon Award

Track list

The song was used in Chicago in 2006 for the film Little Miss Sunshine.

Musicians involved

  • Sufjan Stevens - Acoustic Guitar Guitar, Piano, Wurlitzer Electric Piano, bass guitar, drums, electric guitar, oboe, alto saxophone, flute, banjo, glockenspiel, accordion, vibraphone, recorder, Casiotone MT -70, bell staff, shaker, tambourine, triangle, E organ, vocals, arrangement, sound engineer, manager, production
  • Julianne Carney - Violin
  • Alan Douches - Mastering
  • Marla Hansen - Viola
  • The Illinoisemaker Choir ( Tom Eaton, Jennifer Hoover, Katrina Kerns, Beccy Lock, Tara McDonnell ) - backing vocals
  • Maria Bella Jeffers - Cello
  • Katrina Kerns - background vocals
  • James McAlister - drums
  • Craig Montoro - Trumpet
  • Rob Moose - Violin
  • Matt Morgan - backing vocals
  • Daniel and Elin Smith - background vocals
  • Divya Srinivasan - Artwork
  • Shara Worden - background vocals