Ilok ( German (deprecated) Illok, Hungarian Újlak ) is the easternmost town and municipality in Croatia. The city is located in the Vukovar- Syrmia, and it is located on a hill above the Danube, which forms the border with the Serbian province of Vojvodina. According to the 1991 census, living in the town of Ilok 5,897 people, and a total of 8,351 in the municipality. In the interest daytrippers town there is a Franciscan monastery and other historic sights.

The city is connected by a bridge over the Danube with the city Backa Palanka in the Serbian province of Vojvodina.


According to the 2011 census were living at that time in Ilok

  • 76.68 % Croats
  • 13.82% Slovaks
  • 6.49% Serbs
  • 1.15% Hungary


The area of ​​today Ilok is inhabited in the Neolithic and the Bronze Age. In Roman times the fort Cuccium as a border fortification of the province of Pannonia was built on the Danube limes. Slavs began to settle in the 6th century. The area later came under the rule of Bulgaria and later the Kingdom of Hungary.

In the 12th and 13th centuries, Ilok was mentioned in records under the names " Iwnlak, Vilak, Vylok, Wyhok, and Wylak ". In 1526, the city came under the rule of the Ottomans. In 1697 the troops of the Habsburg Ilok conquered. On 17 October 1991 non-Serbs were expelled by the troops of the Yugoslav People's Army and Serbian paramilitary forces at the beginning of the Croatia war, plundered and devastated their homes and connected to the city of the Republic of Serbian Krajina. The area was re- integrated according to the 1995 agreements concluded Erdut to 1998 all the way to Croatia.


Ilok is a regional center of viticulture. There are mainly cultivated grape varieties Traminer, Riesling, Burgundy and graševina.


Significant cultural and historical monuments on the boundary line between the Eastern and Western art and numerous relics of Islamic architecture make Ilok an interesting small town in this part of Croatia.

Partner communities

Notable people

  • Mladen Barbaric (1873-1936), Croatian writers
  • Ante Bakter (* September 24, 1970 ), painter


St. Kapistran Church, Ilok


Danube beach Ilok