Ilorin, Nigeria

Ilorin is the capital of Kwara State in Nigeria with 1.15 million inhabitants (calculated as of 2012). The city is located in the west of Nigeria on the banks of the river Awun.


The place was founded in the late 18th century. In the 1820s, he was affiliated as an Islamic Emirate of the Fulani Sokoto Caliphate. In 1897, British forces captured the city. Since 1960, Ilorin part of the independent state of Nigeria.


The city is an industrial, commercial and transport center in a predominantly agricultural area. There are grown and operated livestock grain, potatoes and peanuts. Food, cigarettes and sugar are among the major industrial products. In Ilorin are a university, founded in 1976, and a technical institute.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Saidat Adegoke ( born 1985 ), football player
  • Olabisi Afolabi ( b. 1975 ), athlete
  • Ibrahim Gambari (* 1944), politician
  • Halimat Ismaila ( born 1984 ), athlete