The island Ilovik ( dt: Nebe ) is an island in the Adriatic. It is located south of the island of Lošinj and west of Dalmatia, is part of the Kvarner Bay and belongs to Croatia.


Ilovik is a gently hilly island, the highest point is 91 meters above sea level, the area is 5.8 km ². The length of the coastline is about 15 km. The island is composed of limestone and is mostly covered with the typical for the region scrub and olive trees. In the southeast of the island is a sandy bay ( Parzine ).

Settlement history and culture

The only settlement on the island is the same place Ilovik with about 100 inhabitants. It lies in the north of the island, opposite the small island of Sveti Petar, on which the remains of a Benedictine monastery, a Venetian fortress and the village cemetery are located. The latter leads to character on the island, that the dead have to cover their last journey by boat. The two islands are separated by a narrow, approximately 250 m wide channel separated ( Ilovacka Vrata ), which also forms a natural harbor. The island is accessible traffic free and ferries from Rijeka and Mali Lošinj. The inhabitants of the island live primarily on tourism and fishing, agriculture has a minor role and is operated mainly for their own consumption.

Ruins of the Venetian fortress on Sveti Petar