Imagawa clan

The Imagawa family (Japanese今 川 氏, Imagawa - uji ) was one of the most influential families of the Japanese Sengoku period. She was, however, already entrusted in the Muromachi period with tasks on behalf of the imperial court and among the older noble families.


Its most famous representative, Imagawa Yoshimoto is a daimyo of the middle Sengoku period (see also Sengoku daimyo ), and was the feudal warlord who ruled the province of Suruga, Tōtōmi Province and Mikawa province. He lived from 1519 to 1560. He is said to have connections to the family of Takeda Shingen's half-brother, Takeda Nobuzane. His son Imagawa Ujizane was an influential prince with changeful life and zealous in the cultural sector ( Wanka, Renga, Kemari ) and was one of the most outstanding figures in Japan at that time.

  • Kuniuji Imagawa
  • Morouji Imagawa
  • Norikuni Imagawa
  • Noriuji Imagawa
  • Ujiie Imagawa
  • Yasumori Imagawa
  • Norimasa Imagawa
  • Noritada Imagawa
  • Yoshitada Imagawa
  • Ujichika Imagawa
  • Ujiteru Imagawa
  • Imagawa Yoshimoto
  • Imagawa Ujizane


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