Image analysis

Image recognition (English image analysis) is a branch of pattern recognition and image processing. In image recognition is tried to segment objects in an image. This is assigned to a symbolic description, but it is not searched for correlations between objects, as is common in pattern analysis.

Areas of application

  • Objects in images large image databases automatically label ( tag, eg ).
  • Recognize images or image details of media products and assign the appropriate product. The products can then be queried information as content information, genre, assignment, review, reviews or price comparisons.
  • Face detection in digital cameras. Here, the auto focus is placed on the face to depict a person as sharp as possible.
  • Register mark detection in the industry. There are electronic components, and measured to achieve pass marks to make a close fitting.
  • Sorting and fault detection of bulk material, boards, photo prints, ...
  • Object -based image analysis OBIA as a method of Geography
  • Automated recognition " abnormal behavior " of people in the video streams of public surveillance cameras for crime prevention, see the controversial EU project INDECT