An idea is a content of consciousness, which can occur in various contexts:

The source of an idea is always a previously sensual experience that thinking or " thinking ", " in the mind ", " mental " or - as the colloquial expressions for what is meant else loud - repeatedly as a reminder or changed in any way will.

Performances are referred to in traditional style than awareness internal objects of imagining to insights or knowledge of contexts reaching thought. Real is the thinking man from his reminder or introduction material, both simple and complex, linguistically communicable thought forms or just thoughts, through which he can inform someone else by telling him about it, so this in turn in turn provides information about the of that Thought will. ( An information represents a certain knowledge dar. )

Modes of representation

The idea can be differentiated into subcategories, into so-called modes of conception or idea types. These include the:

  • Visual imagery, also see pictorial idea, mental image
  • Acoustic notion, cf Auditory Perception
  • Idea of ​​smell, see, Olfactory perception,
  • Gustatory imagination, see Gustatory perception ( taste)
  • Tactile presentation, see Haptic perception, surface sensitivity

Analogously to this differentiation modes of conception / idea types correspond mostly to the idea of a stimulus of the five senses.