Imbabura Volcano

The Imbabura with wolkenbedecktem summit, the focus of the site Otavalo

The Imbabura is a complex volcano in the Ecuadorian Andes. It is located in the eponymous province of Imbabura about 10 km from the capital of Ibarra and 6 km from Otavalo. The volcano has a north-south average of 16 miles and an east- west distance of 14 km. The highest crater of Imbabura is inactive for millennia. It is also called Taita Imbabura ( taita: Kichwa for father) and is referred to in the mythology of the indigenous people as sacred, which may have been encouraged by the fact that the summit of Imbabura is almost always covered by clouds and only sometimes short ( usually after is to see sunrise or before sunset ) with free summit. In addition to the main crater of Imbabura has more craters as the Azaya or Huarmi Imbabura ( Huarmi: Kichwa for women ) in the west ( 3926 m) and the Artezón ( 4030 m) in the north.

At the western foot of the Imbabura of Lake San Pablo, which flows water over the Peguche Waterfall is located.