Imbituba on the map of Santa Catarina

Imbituba is a port city in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina. The city has 39 169 inhabitants (as of April 1, 2007 ) and extends over an area of ​​186 787 square kilometers.


The first settlement in the urban area by European settlers was in 1715. Imbituba The law was founded on 1 January 1924. On October 6, 1930 Imbituba lost the status of an independent parish, but got it back on 5 August 1958. From 1949 to 1959, the city was called " Henrique Lage ".

Economy and Harbour

Until the mid-20th century Imbituba was a whaling center. Today, the presence of right whales off the coast is used for whale watching. Together with bathers and surfers on the famous beach of Praia do Rosa, this leads to the fact that tourism is one of the most important economic activities in the city.

Imbituba has a seaport. It will be shipped from the manufacturing centers of Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul, mainly textiles and shoes. In 2008, the container terminal of Imbituba was privatized in its management. The largest container terminal in the port of the neighboring Santos SBSA was awarded the contract. It is therefore to be expected that the container throughput will increase in the coming years.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Jorge Luiz Filho Frello (* 1991), football player