Euglypha sp.

The Silicofilosea are a group of single-celled eukaryotes that are provided to the Cercozoa. A synonym for the group is Imbricatea Cavalier- Smith & Chao, 2003.


The representatives are single-celled organisms with a single nucleus. The cell surface is each other like roof tiles ( imbricat ) occupied overlapping silicate scales. Only on the rear end or side, there are openings for the bare filopodia. The cristae of mitochondria are tubular design.


The group was set up as a class Imbricatea 2003 by Cavalier- Smith and Chao, of Adl et al. 2005, however, called Silicofilosea. In both works the same two systems are classified here:

The fact that this is a monophyletic group that is not secured. In several cases the Thaumatomonadida are closer to the Heteromitidae.


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