Imelda May

Imelda Mary Higham (born 10 July 1974 in Dublin, Ireland, Imelda Mary Clabby and as known by her stage name Imelda May ) is an Irish singer and musician. Their music can be described as a mixture of neo- rockabilly, blues and jazz.

Childhood and youth

Imelda May is the youngest of five siblings. Growing up in the Liberties, the historic part of the Irish capital, she already came as a child in contact with different directions of popular music. Her preferences included primarily folk and rock and roll. Imelda May describes her musical imprints as follows: "My brother was a big Elvis fan. In his room I found recordings by Eddie Cochran and Gene Vincent. I found this music fantastic. " Other major influences were the blues musician Elmore James and the jazz singer Billie Holiday.

Her first appearance as a singer had Imelda May in an advertisement for fish sticks. At sixteen, she graduated first appearances in Dublin clubs - among other things on the side of Mike Sanchez, a British blues musician and pianist. She quickly became an integral part of the Dublin club scene. From older fellow musicians, she received the feedback that her voice was good, but still too little rough. On their website it says that you have once given a similar Feedback her father. He once brought the weeping Imelda to a gig and asked, " Is your heart broken? All right. Now you can sing the blues. " According to May, this episode was was of central turning point in her career.

Musical career

Your career as a professional musician began Imelda May in 2003. Among her maiden name Imelda Clabby she formed her first band and released their first album, No Turning Back. Held in May- typical rockabilly style, they played the album later, and re- released it on their own label - now by her stage name Imelda May 2007, she was taken by Ambassador Records, a sub- label of Universal Music Group.

In the same year they released their second album, Love Tattoo, which rose from zero to number one on the Irish music charts. Love Tattoo was partly rave reviews. The album attracted the attention of the British band leader and TV presenters Jools Holland. Holland assisted May in live tours and was promoting it in his TV show Later with Jools Holland, a BBC music program for contemporary music, will be repeated by the individual consequences even when ZDFtheaterkanal. In early 2009 the two singles Johnny Got A Boom Boom and Big Bad Handsome Man appeared. In the same year, the musician received the industry award Female Artist of the Year. In the opening act for Jamie Cullum she toured in 2009 and from the United States. As part of the music show Other Voices, the Irish television station RTÉ brought 14 August 2009 Unplugged recordings of the two singles titles. In autumn 2010, Imelda May completed three concerts in Germany - in Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne. In September of the same year, Mayhem, their third studio album, which reached number one in the Irish charts appeared.

In the context of TV shows and live concerts Imelda May has attended numerous appearances with other musicians - including Alison Moyet, Dionne Warwick, Bryan Ferry, Anastacia, The Supremes, Sister Sledge, Scissor Sisters, The Dubliners, Madeleine Peyroux, Matt Bianco, Elvis Costello, Jools Holland, Jeff Beck and Elton John. In addition to her work, she regularly sings in the band Candy Box Burlesque Club in Birmingham. Since 1998 she has been married to the guitarist and band member Darrel Higham. In an interview with the music blog Totallydublin April 2009, she claimed to be vegetarian.

Style and reviews

Although the style of singer and band is based on recognizable rock and roll and rockabilly elements. The amalgamation with other styles, especially jazz, blues, pop and folk-song elements is, however, emphasized regularly in the media. Strong attention also achieved the styling: the nature of the performance, including styles of including elements made of pin-up design and Neoburlesque as well as the staging of the lifestyle of the rock and roll era of the 1950s and 1960s. The weblog announced the Cologne - appearance of the singer in the fall of 2010 as follows: (...) " Imelda May reach people not only through their music. Your eye-catching style and their clear cool, but also quirky 50s look has already been on the cover of the Irish Sunday Times Style '. (...) ' Developed Imelda May their unusually fresh mix of classical music styles continue on their new album, Mayhem, also shows it perfectly her outstanding songwriting talents. "

On the play of the singer with the accessories of the fifties also focused web portal "It seems as if Imelda leased the Fifties rock itself and thus can sing the baseball loose on the wall. Her powerful voice is unique and has a high recognition value, just like her stylish rockabilly look, which consists of great dresses and a screwed Tolle. "

Positive reviews also won Mayhem, the third album. moved as Resummée: "The word ' Mayhem ' This means that Imelda May but certainly not simply chaos. Rather, it distinguishes itself as a party-maker for discerning, but at any time may also consider the emotional trump card such as the, Kentish Town Waltz '. The fact that it returns the classic Tainted Love 'on his Soul Essence, also suggests that Imelda May knows exactly what she is doing. And what is she doing here is good. "


Studio albums

  • No Turning Back (Foot Tapping Records, 2005)
  • Love Tattoo ( Decca / Universal, 2008)
  • Mayhem ( Decca / Universal, 2010)
  • Mike Sanchez and His Band Featuring Imelda May - Almost Grown ( Doopin Music, 2012) - contains previously unreleased session recordings from 2004


  • Johnny Got a Boom Boom ( Decca / Universal, 2008)
  • Big Bad Handsome Man ( Decca / Universal, 2008)
  • Psycho ( Decca / Universal, 2008)
  • Mayhem ( Decca / Universal, 2010)
  • Kentish Town Waltz ( Decca / Universal, 2010)
  • Inside Out ( Decca / Universal, 2011)