IMG is the abbreviation for:

  • International Military Tribunal, see Nuremberg Trials of the major war criminals
  • InMoldGraining, A technology that enables the penetration during a thermoforming process, a grain structure in a film ungrained
  • Img, an HTML tag for including graphics, see Hypertext Markup Language
  • Image as a file extension for an image file
  • Image as a file extension for a memory dump of a storage medium, similar to ISO images
  • International Airport code of Inhaminga in Mozambique
  • International Marxist Group, a Trotskyist party in Britain between 1964 and 1987
  • IMG Models - Model Agencies
  • International Management Group, Sports Management
  • Implementation Management Guide, the Implementation Guide for SAP solutions. The Implementation Guide is the central starting point for setting (customizing) of SAP applications
  • Institute of Military Geowesen the Austrian Armed Forces
  • Imtech Marine Group, Imtech is a composite of several companies in the maritime sector
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