IML (disambiguation)

IML stands for:

  • Institute of Marxism -Leninism, an institute of the Central Committee of the SED for the History of the labor movement and its historical and philosophical classics, see also purchase house jonass
  • Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics
  • Institute for Market Research Leipzig, a company in the area of ​​the market, opinion and social research
  • Institute Monétaire Luxembourgeois, a Luxembourg bank, see Central Bank of Luxembourg
  • Integrating model of learning, sets various streams of learning theory and research on learning each other with respect
  • International Marching League, see IML Walking Association
  • International Microgravity Laboratory, two Spacelab missions
  • International Mr. Leather, a conference and a competition of the leather scene
  • In Mold Labeling, an injection molding process.
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