Immaculate Conception Cathedral, Dili

The Immaculate Conception ( Catedral da Conceição Imaculada ) Roman Catholic cathedral is the Cathedral of Dili, the capital of East Timor. It is the episcopal see of the Diocese of Dili and is located in the Suco Vila Verde ( subdistrict Veracruz ).


The Cathedral is the largest church in Southeast Asia. It has a floor area of ​​1,800 square meters, the entire area measures 10,000 square meters. It has air conditioning.


Already during the Portuguese colonial era, there was a cathedral in Dili. At that time it was located on the site of today's National Parliament of East Timor. The neoclassical building of 1909 was destroyed on August 30, 1944 by the Japanese in World War II.

The plans for the construction of the new cathedral began in 1984. The modern building was opened in 1988 by the Indonesian President Suharto and consecrated a year later by Pope John Paul II. At this time East Timor was occupied by Indonesia. 2009, the cathedral for two million dollar renovation.

2006 investigated due to the unrest in East Timor over 10,000 people protection on the grounds of the cathedral.