Immenhausen is a small town in the district of Kassel, Hesse ( Germany ). In Immenhausen the Federal Center of the Association of Guides and Scouts eV is ( BdP ).

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Geographical Location

Immenhausen located in Northern Hesse about 12 kilometers north of the city of Kassel on the southwestern slope of the Reinhard Forest and is traversed in an east-west direction from the Holzkape ( Esse inflow ), which saves five kilometers northeast located Junker head comes (distances each straight line ) and below the core city is fed by the woodpecker Beck. This mountain is also springs of the district Holzhausen continuous Osterbach ( Fulda inflow ).

Neighboring communities

Immenhausen bordered to the east by the unincorporated Gutsbezirk Reinhard Forest, on the south by the municipalities of Fulda valley and Espenau, and in the west and north on the town Grebestein (all in the district of Kassel).


To Immenhausen include not only the urban core, the rural districts Marie village ( in the northeast ) and Holzhausen ( in the east).


In 1015, Henry II made ​​in Immenhausen station. From 1123 to Dudo is authenticated by Immenhausen. Dudo was a follower of the Archbishop of Mainz Adalbert I, which it was at the castle Rusteberg as stewards of the environment, which also Hofgeismar belonged, began. The Counts of Northeim Dudo translated as bailiff for a monastery Bursfelde. Dudos Richenza daughter married her first husband Siegfried IV of Boyneburg and later Heinrich Assel castle. In the 15th century, the church of St. George was built on the site of a ruined Romanesque church. In the 16th century Bartholomaeus Rieseberg delivered a sermon here. In the 19th century there were fires in the town. see also Castle Immenhausen


On 1 December 1970, the formerly independent communities Holzhausen and Marie village were incorporated into the town Immenhausen.


City Council

The municipal election held 27 March 2011 yielded the following results:


Immenhausen maintains partnership relations with

  • Montaigu in the department of Vendée in France (since 1991) and
  • Modigliana in Italy ( since 2007).

Culture and sights

Cultural facilities and events

  • Action, Culture and Youth Centre (ACCU )
  • In the Glass Museum Immenhausen there is information about the glass history and the tradition of glass making in northern Hesse and southern Lower Saxony, particularly the glass designer and entrepreneur Richard Süßmuth is presented, the namesake of the last glassworks in Immenhausen, which finally ceased production in 1996. In addition, the development of the use of glass is documented since 1890 and made ​​in changing special especially known with the contemporary glass art.
  • Since 2000, every three years the price Immenhausen glass is nationally advertised, on which living and working in Germany glass artist and glass artists can participate.
  • On the last Saturday in October, the Literature Prize wooden houses hedge Thaler will be presented at a reading of the winners in the district Holzhausen. In 2006 arrived around 190 submissions from eligible authors one aged 16 to 30 years, for reading on 26 October 2006 at the community center Holzhausen came about 180 guests.
  • Easter fire from the local volunteer fire department
  • Carnival events include since 1950 to the cultural life in Immenhausen. Richest history club is the carnival company Holzhausen, the citizens in Holzhausen keeps each year their ceremonial sessions with Princess, Prince, Princess children and children Prince. The football section of the TSV 1889/ 06 Immenhausen eV celebrates the Jahnturnhalle in Immenhausen since 1970 carnival. In the 350 -seat hall end of each year are offered on the last two weekends before Carnival Monday comprehensive and entertaining sessions. The third driving carnival club offers the Carnival group of the Catholic Church (CCC ) Happy and fun in the fool time. The comprehensive 100-seat meeting room at the rectory of the Catholic Church is the smallest of the three carnival halls. Conclusion of the Carnival season Rose Monday, when to invite all three carnival driving clubs to the traditional town hall storming in Immenhausen. Then is celebrated omitted from one of the few northern Hesse Street Carnivals around the town hall.


  • Glass Museum Immenhausen with changing special about Glass Art
  • Protestant church of St George, with remarkable wall paintings from the mid-15th century
  • City Hall, a striking baroque building on the market square from the 17th century.
  • Horseshoe tower with adjoining walls Viewing only the opening times

Church of St George


Immenhausen has a station on the railway line Kassel- Warburg.


  • Fountain room - exhibitions on local history
  • Experience horseshoe station tower
  • Glass Museum ( to commemorate the former glassworks of the Silesian glass artist Richard Süßmuth )
  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Reinhardswald
  • Eco path cultural history Ahlberg - Immenhausen Marie village
  • The Grimm 's Fairy Tales Hans in Luck Immenhausen is part of the German Fairy Tale Road.

Famous people in the past

  • Hermann Matt Berg, father of the mayor of Hann Munden Christoph Mattenberg and grandfather of the Gotha mayor and the personal physician of the French King Henry IV, came from Immenhausen
  • Georg Wilhelm Hartmann, Chairman of the SAP ( Socialist Workers Party of Germany )
  • Lilli Jahn, physician and victims of National Socialism
  • Richard Süßmuth (1900 - 1974), internationally known glass artists from Penzig / Schlesien, from 1946 glass producer in Immenhausen
  • Albertus Pictor, a painter


From July 25 to August 4, 2013, the national camp of the Union of Guides and Scouts will be held in Immenhausen. Here some 4,500 scouts from Germany are expected with International guests.