IMovie is an easy to use, non- linear video editing program for Mac OS X from Apple.


IMovie for the "classic" Mac OS was released to the version 2.0. Since iOS 4 more reduced functional versions of iMovie are also available for iPhone and iPad. With the iPhone 4 and an iPhone version of the program came in the App Store. With the introduction of the iPad 2 also this one version was released.

IMovie is part of the so-called iLife package, which also contains the programs iPhoto, iDVD, iWeb, and GarageBand and is included with every Macintosh computer. Ever since Apple introduced the App Store, iMovie will also be sold separately from the online version 9 (iMovie '11 ).


Since the program version 5 (January 2005 ) Video films can be cut in the high- definition format with the program, so it was temporarily called " iMovie HD". With the introduction of the newly developed program version 7 August 2007 (iLife '08) this suffix was omitted again.

IMovie provides video effects, such as the alienation of the image are available. More detailed image adjustments are possible through third-party plugins. In addition, the program includes many pre- transition and title effects. An essential for amateur filmmakers feature is the ability to stabilize shaky video footage later, which is associated with a certain cropping of the image.

Since version 9 (iMovie '11 ) is also a function for use vorgestalteter movie trailer to Hollywood cliché, together with Fantasy studio trailers, motion effects and orchestral film music pieces has been installed in addition to the themed transition effects.

The program offers a simple way of working with the green screen technique (iMovie '09 and '11 ), but no manual adjustment of the green threshold value is possible, such as in advanced video editing and effects programs. In iMovie '11, alternatively, the option was installed to use the last image of a green-screen clip as a reference for automatic adjustment.