Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling (formerly TNA Impact or iMPACT! ) Is a weekly TV show and the main format of the U.S. wrestling organization Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA ). From 2004 to 2013, the show at Universal Studios Florida has been recorded, broadcast live March 14, 2013 weekly varying venues.

In the United States it airs every Thursday night on Spike TV. In Germany, the show is currently not visible.

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For the first time TNA iMPACT was! on 4 June 2004 broadcast on Fox Sports Net (FSN ). The show was recorded on Tuesday at Universal Studios in Orlando ( Florida) and Fridays aired 16-17 clock on FSN in most markets (including Europe and Asia). It was paid weekly $ 30,000 per hour of broadcasting time. On 27 May 2005, the last episode of Impact was broadcast on Fox Sports Net. The show reached an average audience of just 0.2 during the broadcast period.

TNA stood there without a TV deal and worked so from 1 July 2005 with RealNetworks together to broadcast Impact from the official site with the RealPlayer. Also, downloading Impact was released by BitTorrent. At the same time they began to seek a more profitable sales channel on TV. First there were negotiations with WGN, but came to no agreement. On July 21, the agreement with Spike TV was announced, the first broadcast was set at Saturday, October 1, 2005 as part of the so-called " Slammin 'Saturday Night" block. From 27 September 2005 to March 28, 2006 every second Tuesday recorded two episodes of Impact. Unlike the deal with Fox Sports TNA did not have to pay for the airtime; for Spike TV was allowed to sell advertising time. After Spike TV announced on 6 February 2006, TNA would get a time slot in prime time, but it was announced on 14 March that Impact will instead be broadcast on Thursdays at 23:00 clock after the UFC show "The Ultimate Fighter". The repetition has been postponed to Saturday, 23:00 Clock. Because of the new broadcasting time the episodes every second Monday, were taken with the starting 10 April 2006. The penultimate episode of Saturday Impact on 1 April 2006 was broadcast to the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony on the USA Network, which TNA and WWE programs for the first time ran simultaneously. This episode scored the lowest rating since November 2005. Transfer to a transmission place at 21:00 clock was announced again in September 2006 and was completed on November 16 with a 2-hour special issue. However, Impact was re- aired a week later with the ordinary airtime. The contract with Spike TV ran from the end of September 2007, but could be reached again. Since October 4, 2007 TNA radiates its main mission now consists of two hours. The recording rhythm of TNA was very irregular at this time. Mostly, the Impact program recorded before a pay- per-view within a few days. In April 2006, TNA announced a partnership with YouTube, which YouTube exclusive video content, such as May publish summaries of Impact.

For the first time live TNA iMPACT was! transferred on March 27, 2008. A live show on Monday evening took place on 4 January 2010 in which, among other things, Hulk Hogan had his TNA debut. As of March 8, 2010 then sent to live every Monday and every two weeks; parallel to the TV competition WWE RAW. Due to poor power- quotas they changed on 13 May 2010, however, back on the Thursday evening. From then on, the show was usually recorded every two weeks on Mondays and Tuesdays.

For the issue of 12 May 2011 TNA iMPACT was! officially renamed Impact Wrestling. May 17, 2012 TV President Kevin Kay was announced by TNA President Dixie Carter and Spike that Impact Wrestling is at least Thursday broadcast from May 31, 2012, throughout the summer, live from Universal Studios in Orlando on Spike TV. Impact Wrestling is also seen already at 20 U.S. time clock. First, the live broadcast was planned by August 2012, has since been extended. As of March 14, 2013, the show takes place not at Universal Studios, but in weekly changing venues across the entire United States and occasionally abroad.

Impact Wrestling on German television

TNA Wrestling is also a well known in Germany Wrestling promotion. After the show was first transferred from Euro Sport, announced on 20 February 2008 Sky Germany (then premiere) in a communication, the transmission of Impact Wrestling known. Thus, the weekly shows were from 4 April, respectively, one week apart to the U.S. program, broadcast every Monday at 17.45 clock on Sky Sports 2. From February 2011, Impact ran every Tuesday at 11:00 clock ( repeats at 17:30 clock to 22:00 clock ), and from 2 August 2011, at 4:30 clock to 14:00 clock. The monthly pay- per-views were shown live from June 2008 for a fee of 15 euros on Sky Select. The current Impact show in front of a pay- per-view was offered two hours ago on Sky Select this for no additional consideration for all Sky subscribers. The agreement between TNA and Sky expired on 1 January 2013. From 6 March 2013 to 1 March 2014, Impact Wrestling was a one-hour highlight format first Wednesdays, on Saturday aired later by 22 clock on Sport 1. The sender therefore replaced his previous wrestling program consisting of Smackdown and WWE Bottom Line. In addition, Sport 1 offered on its website an extensive video - on- demand service with highlights and live events; inter alia, the full-length, two-hour edition of Impact Wrestling, as well as monthly, three-hour special events. The three major events, " TNA Lockdown", " TNA Slammiversary " and " TNA Bound for Glory" there were found to be live streams available in 2013.


As usual in wrestling, the entire contents of the shipment of worked out in advance storylines is determined. Typically, four to seven matches will be played during the two -hour show, moreover, it also includes interviews, promos and backstage segments. The female wrestlers in TNA are referred to as knockouts, as its organizer functions Hulk Hogan's daughter Brooke.

At the beginning of times on the Fox Sports Net, the matches were subject to a time limit of 10 minutes, tag team matches and the main event 20 minutes. If exceeded, the winner was determined by a " Championship Committee ", consisting of three experienced wrestlers. After the transmitter leaving the concept of time limits was discarded.

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In addition to Impact Wrestling Spike TV broadcasts nor the hour-long show TNA Xplosion B, in which the wrestler in the main show less used occur. Another former show is TNA Re - Action, which aired in the connection of Impact and the wrestlers representing their opinion of the respective output. The show ran from 12 April to 30 December 2010. The German channel Sport1 beamed in March 2013 in connection to Impact Wrestling from a best-of - show, which summarizes the events at Impact Wrestling in early 2013 until March 2013 for the German viewers.